ARISE project will benchmark the energy and digitalization skills by measuring the current level of energy and digitisation skills maturity, knowledge, and understanding within the built environment sector integrated with the process of digital transformation of the AEC industry, especially regarding drivers, barriers, and gaps.

The benchmark will be an updated review of state of the art, based on the most up to date literature and survey data and previous reports and EU projects that are still relevant, as well as an internal analysis of it. The analysis will also investigate the differences between the EU countries’ legislation, qualification, and certification systems.

The internal benchmark will analyse, evaluate, compare and suggest ways on how previous H2020 projects can be integrated in order to form the initial core strength of this project with a direct impact on the stimulus and increase of demand for energy skills. This follows up from the BIM-EPA work and contributes to the ongoing sustainability, reach, and impacts of previous EU funded projects. Such analyses will encompass elements such as previously developed frameworks, certifications, and qualifications, materials, IT resources/ platforms, learning outcomes, general outputs, and results. The Industry benchmark will continue further review of market gaps and drivers related to energy skills to be conducted, to be more effective when stimulating demand, and a technical stakeholder survey will be undertaken.