This report provides guidelines for alignment of ARISE ULOs with national qualification frameworks, in the area of AEC sector, with a focus on BIM and Energy efficiency of buildings.

Based on the analysis of national frameworks, in general (their format, content and referencing to EQF) and in specifics of sustainable energy correlated competences, a compilation of ARISE ULOs has been prepared within the Deliverable 3.3  – Qualification framework of sustainable energy skills leveraged by digitalisation incl. BIM, in a format that will enable recognition and correlation with national frameworks.

This is another dimension of ARISE feature of transaction of learning achievements and competences, in continuation with previously explored inter-changeability of learning outcomes of the analysed learning frameworks developed by previous construction skills projects (refer to the report D3.1).

ARISE tends to upgrade and extend the existing competences in national frameworks, in the field of sustainable energy skills supported by digitalisation in the AEC sector, by designing upskilling and reskilling pathways, models of delivery tailored to any professional profile, sets of .ULOs and accompanying training modules.

The guidelines and explanations are supported by two analyses, outputs thereof being presented in the Appendices of this report:

  1. Presentation of method of upgrading of competences in sustainable energy skills that are prescribed by the EU Directives (Appendix 78.2),
  2. Examples of upgrading of existing national qualifications in AEC sector and sustainable energy skills, with ARISE competences in sustainable energy skills with BIM (Appendix 8.3).

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