The proposed learning content and tools will be based on the benching marking developed by the project and will also be reflective of the skills established within the Task based maturity framework. The learning content and tools will be available in the ARISE gamified training platform. The learning content will be based on micro (bite)-size modules providing to the users of the final platform a range of relevant micro modules choices, overcoming a traditional linear educational approach. The modules will be complemented through a digital certification pathway. This will provide pathways to progress from one qualification to another or to use micro modules acquired within one qualification to gain another qualification/ certificate. The micro size modules will be assessed using an AGILE methodology, which will enable adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continual improvement of the learning content and delivery platform. ARISE will aim to support innovation and promote continuous professional development in both energy and digital skills from a discipline perspective in an ongoing and sustainable manner; utilise digitalization to maximize sustainable energy competences and to make skilling attractive.