This Report presents analysis, findings and conclusions based on responses from the online survey carried out in project partner countries. The survey was implemented in two stages, firstly among the project participating organizations (Survey 1), and secondly among the national stakeholders and professionals in the field (Survey 2), in time periods April–June and June-August 2023, respectively. The
questionnaires included topics on sustainable energy skills demand in procurement procedures for building projects, in compliance with national regulatory frameworks.

The survey was used to identify best practices of market recognition and demand of sustainable energy skills on a country level, as commercial or professional procedures applied or prescribed as mandatory and effective in national regulatory frameworks.

Some of the questions were profiled to identify issues such as: consistency, completeness of competences and their transferability (international recognition) The Report on survey responses consists of two thematic parts: 1) an overview of the main features of national regulatory frameworks related to the demand for sustainable energy skills in the procurement procedures in partner countries, and 2) findings on gaps, barriers, needs and opinions for improvement of procedures for market appreciation of skills along with recommendations for share of good practices across countries.

The analysis of survey results provided a basis for development of recommendations for improving demand and recognition of sustainable energy skills, as further elaborated in Report D7.5. It will also be of use and guide for organizations involved in professional development programs.

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