The Report describes ARISE developed recommendations for national policy makers, public administration, investors, and building owners, intended to assist them in designing, improving and applying advanced procurement requests for construction workforce who are certified for sustainable energy and digital skills in new construction and renovation projects.

Results and findings of D7.4: Overview of best practices in market implementation of skills have been used, as well as outputs of the report D7.1, Guidelines to align ARISE learning outcomes with national qualification frameworks, describing ARISE framework potential to be matched with national qualifications framework in the fields of digital and sustainable energy skills.

The objective of Report D7.5 is to provide recommendations for market stimulating and supportive measures for enhanced demand of sustainable energy and digital skills, as well as guidelines on how to start and carry out reforms in procurement procedures, in order to implement the suggested measures.

For the purposes of this report, an example of a form of basic specification for competencies in digital and sustainable energy skills, to be applied in procurement procedures, was suggested, based on the ARISE Report D3.3 Qualification framework of sustainable energy skills leveraged by digitalisation incl. BIM.

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