The new system of training and recognition of skills that ARISE partners will develop, will be valid across the EU, thus increasing the spread of skilled workforce in the building market. All the European directives concerning the energy performance and renewable energy production as well as the directive for digitalization, foresee the qualification and or the training of the people working in the building sector. However, there is not an agreed qualification system in all Europe for many reasons.

The report starts with the presentation of the buildingSMART qualification system for BIM professionals as it is already recognised in some European countries and is a good example of the identification of the  competences through the learning outcome framework, identifying the competences needed to obtain a qualification agreed at international level. At this basic knowledge each national chapter has the possibility to add a module with national requirements.

After this first part, the report examines in depth the Directives mentioned in the Deliverable 2.1 for what concerns the certification schemes that EU member states must apply and how they have been implemented in ARISE partner’s countries.

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