The continuous education of workers and professionals is very heterogeneous at European level. The building supply chain does not acquire new technologies timely so that producers of new technologies and materials very often perform dedicated training to their direct customers and there is no track of this training activities.
Therefore, the partners decided to make an analysis of the national situation starting from the CEDEFOP report which contains the official data the member states have provided.
Each partner has provided the analysis of the situation in the country except Portugal, as they are involved only in the platform development and North Macedonia as their data are not analyzed by CEDEFOP. Both the CEDEFOP data and the analysis of these data are reported in this deliverable.

The absence of a monitoring system on the continuous education of the building industry has different disadvantages:

  • There are not public registers for the blue and white collars to identify the competences possessed for each technology implementation
  • The time to market of new technologies relies on the capacity of the producers of materials and technologies to promote training among their customers
  • The final users do not know what is the best technical solution for them and who they should commit
  • The maintenance and the renovation of installed plants is very difficult as the end users and/or owners do not know whom to ask and what to ask

We believe that the ARISE platform can provide a solution to all the above problems.

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