The gamification platform to encourage digital delivery through rewarding milestones of achievement for the user. The gamification engine enables trainees to earn points every time they complete each one of the predefined sub-goals and goals successfully. As more trainees are involved, keeping scores will become more important (it has been demonstrated that benchmarking progress is a vital gamification driver). They will only be able to keep score if they are succeeding. The system also provides badges, visual stamps that are unlocked when the user achieves designated targets.

All the points, badges, and levels achieved by the trainees can then be sent to the blockchain network, which will allow creating a large European repository for recognition and certification. ARISE will revolutionise the learning process by developing a crypto-skills exchange, monetizing the skills and learning interface with a system based on skills recognition rather than accreditation. The reward of acquiring a competence at a certain level will be CERTcoin the innovative currency of skills and learning of the construction sector embracing today’s digital transformation benefits.