ARISE is a European funded project that aims to support the upskilling of the design and construction professionals on the topics of energy efficient buildings and Building Information Modelling (BIM) processes.

Assisting the construction industry to ARISE and move towards an energy-efficient built environment, the consortium partners foresee a stimulating approach to increase demand for sustainable energy and digital skills in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sector. ARISE’s five enabling pillars:

  1. Alignment of skills with a harmonised EU Learning Framework
  2. Access to online training materials and tools 24/7.
  3. Assignment of the digital Market -transferable recognitions, to enable a wide recognition across the EU and beyond.
  4. “A-Credit-action” is based on a Continuous Professional Development type method and a novel “cryptocurrency for skills development” reward system.
  5. Assistance in the initialisation of legislative changes and supportive procurement measures, to further stimulate market demand

ARISE’s global goal is to revolutionize the learning process by changing both delivery and recognition of sustainable energy skills in the construction sector. The new system of training and recognition of skills will be valid across the EU, thus increasing the spread of skilled workforce in the building market.

Its mission is to support the twin transition of the construction sector and to contribute thereby to the European Recovery and Resilience Plans 2021 -2027, by providing the design and construction professionals     with digital and sustainable energy skills of the future, along with demand-side demand side guidelines for marketable appreciation of skills and exploitation of benefits thereof.

By providing clear learning interactions, transparency of upskilling transactions and recognition of qualifications achieved, ARISE will inspire demand for sustainable energy skills.

It will also transform the learning process by monetizing skills development and learning exchange with a digital system based on skills recognition rather than accreditation. The training and transaction system developed by the project will reward learners as they achieve competence at a certain level with the cryptocurrency for skills exchange – CERTcoin – the innovative currency of skills and learning of the construction sector embracing today’s digital transformation benefits.