Date: 17th January 2024

Time: 11.00 – 12.00 (CET)

Link: registration

The professional and workers upskilling and re-skilling is the cornerstone of the implementation of the digital transformation in the design and construction industry. Innovative learning methodologies, materials and tools are the foundation to reduce the laubour shortage and increase the offer of digital skilled professionals.
The EU funded project ARISE has recently launched the e-learning platform on BIM and energy efficiency. The platform provides gamified micro-learning modules available anytime and anywhere. The short duration learning modules offer clear and straightforward content adapted to the busy life of professional and workers. The learning pathway can be personalised to match the skill gap of each learner.

This webinar is design for trainees who wants to discover ARISE e-learning platform and the free content offer. ARISE project partners will present the series of six articles on the digital transformation of the design and construction sector addressing the labor shortages, the new interface of upskilling training and benefits driven from the digitalisation on the sector. The ARISE e-learning platform and micro learning contents will be introduced and training offers will be presented. Treainees will be able to ask questions to the platform developers and content creators.