The aim of this survey is to collect,  analyse and summarize information about national legal and regulatory frameworks for sustainable energy skills demand in procurement procedures for building projects,  in different European countries
Sustainable energy skills, in the context of the survey, include energy efficiency and implementation of renewable energy sources in buildings.
This questionnaire has been created by the ARISE Project partner IECE North Macedonia, and will be completed by national stakeholders in project partner countries: the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal and North Macedonia, as well as in other countries included in project dissemination activities.
The survey consists of a mix of 15 multi-choice and open questions. Its completion will take about 15 minutes. The project team is aware that standard questions cannot capture the full complexity of the subject topic. Therefore, respondents are encouraged to provide additional comments to explain the situation related to their country. The research team will consider the comments and statements for further analysis and establishment of findings.
The provided answers will be used to develop the ARISE project report D7.4 Overview of best practices in market recognition of skills, which will be public and available on the project web site in September 2023.
GDPR provisions will be respected for survey participants who decide to share their name and email address.
On behalf of the survey lead organization, IECE North Macedonia and the ARISE team, thank you in advance for your contribution.



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