ARISE Survey on the support of the digitalisation of the built environment, public procurement and SMEs in construction

The aim of this survey is to collect,  analyse and summarize information about national legal and regulatory frameworks for sustainable energy skills demand in procurement procedures for building projects,  in different European countries
Sustainable energy skills, in the context of the survey, include energy efficiency and implementation of renewable energy sources in buildings.
This questionnaire has been created by the ARISE Project partner IECE North Macedonia, and will be completed by national stakeholders in project partner countries: the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal and North Macedonia, as well as in other countries included in project dissemination activities.
The survey consists of a mix of 15 multi-choice and open questions. Its completion will take about 15 minutes. The project team is aware that standard questions cannot capture the full complexity of the subject topic. Therefore, respondents are encouraged to provide additional comments to explain the situation related to their country. The research team will consider the comments and statements for further analysis and establishment of findings.
The provided answers will be used to develop the ARISE project report D7.4 Overview of best practices in market recognition of skills, which will be public and available on the project web site in September 2023.
GDPR provisions will be respected for survey participants who decide to share their name and email address.
On behalf of the survey lead organization, IECE North Macedonia and the ARISE team, thank you in advance for your contribution.



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CITA BIM Gathering in Ireland-September 20, 2023

CitA Gathering in Ireland

ARISE will be presented at the CitA BIM Gathering - Accelerating BIM adoption in the session 'Skills Matter - enabling the construction sector to address global energy requirements through Up-skilling '.  This event takes place in Athlone, County Westmeath, Ireland on September 20, 2023.

ARISE Video Series

Video 1: How ARISE platform allows learner to reach higher competences levels step by step.

How ARISE platform allows learner to reach higher competences levels step by step - YouTube


Video 2: How ARISE addresses the problem of a shortage of competences in the Building sector.

How ARISE addresses the problem of shortage of competences in the building sector - YouTube


Video 3: ARISE promoting the certification of competences through blockchain.

ARISE promoting the certification of competences through blockchain - YouTube


ARISE Training at the Portuguese Order of Architects

This technical session is an informative and consultative session aimed at architects regarding the project sponsored by the Horizon 2020 program: ARISE.
A program that promotes Training and Recognition of Professional Skills in Digitalization, BIM, and digital tools as a working methodology to improve energy efficiency in the Built Environment.
The following topics will be addressed in this session:
• Objectives of the ARISE Project
• Digital Construction and the role of digitalization, particularly BIM, as tools to support the improvement of buildings' energy performance, including application examples and advantages of digital tools, including BIM.
• The need and challenge of flexible training in these areas
• The ARISE solution - Training Concept based on key tasks through a flexible micro-module study program
• The ARISE study program and opinion questionnaire request
• Promotion of Free Training opportunities.Watch the training here


Building Up Conversations

Building up conversations

In this conversation, ARISE partners Anna Moreno and Dr Veronika Schropfer talked about the ARISE e-learning platform for the recognition of ‘task-based’ competencies in BIM and nearly zero energy buildings in Europe.

"ARISE has developed a task-based learning system that enables any employer to find the person who possesses the right competencies to fulfill the foreseen task". Dr. Veronika Schröpfer, Head of EU projects at the

Architects' Council of Europe (ACE-CAE)

"Innovation in the building industry promotes everyday new products and technologies and renders it impossible to wait for the national/regional qualification system to update curricula at the same rhythm". Anna Moreno, Board Member at IBIMI - buildingSMART Italy

Read the full interview here.




ARISE Series of Technical Articles, 'Digitalisation of the Built Environment'.

ARISE series of technical articles 'Digitalisation of the built environment'

The series of 6 interlinked articles address the skills shortages in the construction sector, the energy efficiency gaps not being addressed by lack of skills, and how digital transformation can be used to address these. The articles are intended to stimulate debate and knowledge exchange as they address the following challenges respectively:

  1. Are labour shortages in the construction sector here to stay?
  2. Key challenge for the construction sector – addressing the skills shortages.
  3. What does the future interface of training and upskilling in the construction sector look like?
  4. How can we deliver effective task and impact-based learning in the construction sector?
  5. Digitalising within the construction sector, improving efficiency, productivity, as well as the quality of your work. (Upcoming)
  6. Understanding and achieving the sustainable benefits deriving from digitalisation. (Upcoming)


ARISE presentation at Portuguese Order of Architects

The event will take place online on July 18, 2023, at 11:00 AM (GMT). The event will be in Portuguese and will address ARISE Training and Recognition of Professional Skills in Digitalization, BIM, and digital tools as a working methodology to improve energy efficiency in the Built Environment.


Register here.

Innovative approaches to upskilling the building workforce

ARISE was present at the European Sustainable Week 2023, as one of the best practices for upskilling and reskilling construction workers, craftspeople, and professionals. Mr. Jan Cromwijk, a project partner, talked about ARISE Digital Skill Assessment tool as part of the BUILDUP skill advisor app. The tool offers companies and individuals a comprehensive overview of the current skills and the required skills to improve their competence in the field of energy-efficient and Building Information Modelling (BIM).


Video here.

BUILDUP skill advisor app Android, Apple

ARISE Newsletter 3

The third ARISE Newsletter contains an update on the latest results from the EU digital construction project. Read all here:

ARISE project 3nd Newsletter (

Discover ARISE's First Results

Discover ARISE's first results

In the past 18 months, ARISE partners have gathered references for the development of the basis of ARISE (re/up) skilling platform on applied BIM and Energy Efficiency. This work included comprehensive research on the landscape of national and regional qualification frameworks and EU-wide certification schemes. Also overall analysis of the competencies recognition necessary to fulfill European directives related to energy performance and digitalization and a complete overview of the frameworks developed by BIMcert, Net-UBIEP, BIMEET, BIMplement, NEWCOM, and BIMzeED.

This material constituted the foundation for the definition of the maturity-based model of digitization skills in sync with sustainable energy skills, the task-based qualification framework of sustainable energy skills leveraged by digitalization including BIM connecting skills to the Units of Learning Outcome and the learning methodologies, material and delivery tools for ARISE pilots.
Finally, a package of testing material for the qualifications recognition scheme and maturity level as part of the pilots that are going to be implemented in the next months.
All the content developed by the partners can be found in the links above.