ARISE series of technical articles ‘Digitalisation of the built environment’

The series of 6 interlinked articles address the skills shortages in the construction sector, the energy efficiency gaps not being addressed by lack of skills, and how digital transformation can be used to address these. The articles are intended to stimulate debate and knowledge exchange as they address the following challenges respectively:

  1. Are labour shortages in the construction sector here to stay?
  2. Key challenge for the construction sector – addressing the skills shortages.
  3. What does the future interface of training and upskilling in the construction sector look like?
  4. How can we deliver effective task and impact-based learning in the construction sector?
  5. Digitalising within the construction sector, improving efficiency, productivity, as well as the quality of your work. (Upcoming)
  6. Understanding and achieving the sustainable benefits deriving from digitalisation. (Upcoming)