Discover ARISE’s first results

In the past 18 months, ARISE partners have gathered references for the development of the basis of ARISE (re/up) skilling platform on applied BIM and Energy Efficiency. This work included comprehensive research on the landscape of national and regional qualification frameworks and EU-wide certification schemes. Also overall analysis of the competencies recognition necessary to fulfill European directives related to energy performance and digitalization and a complete overview of the frameworks developed by BIMcert, Net-UBIEP, BIMEET, BIMplement, NEWCOM, and BIMzeED.

This material constituted the foundation for the definition of the maturity-based model of digitization skills in sync with sustainable energy skills, the task-based qualification framework of sustainable energy skills leveraged by digitalization including BIM connecting skills to the Units of Learning Outcome and the learning methodologies, material and delivery tools for ARISE pilots.
Finally, a package of testing material for the qualifications recognition scheme and maturity level as part of the pilots that are going to be implemented in the next months.
All the content developed by the partners can be found in the links above.