ARISE task-based qualification framework


The ARISE project has developed the qualification framework of sustainable energy skills leveraged by digitalisation including Building Information Modelling (BIM)

It can be used as a structured, but flexible base for skill development. It uses the methodology of developing task-based qualifications and employs the ‘maturity based model of digitization skills synchronized with sustainable energy skills’ also developed by the ARISE project as a main foundation.

Some of the main features are:

  • List of 232 tasks with subtasks, with detailed action-based descriptions for each specialism. 
  • Each subtask is linked to a corresponding Unit of Learning Outcome (ULO) and relevant profession. 
  • It connects maturity levels to skills and learning outcomes so that organisational leaders know what employees have to learn in order to grow towards the next level of BIM and digitalisation. 

In sum, this report portrays the ARISE task-based qualification framework for renewable energy skills with digitalisation as an accelerator. It will serve as a foundation for the e-learning material repository from the ARISE project.

For more information access the report here.