ARISE H2020 project was presented in the Sustainable energy skills in the construction sector joint workshop 2.0 at Sustainable Places 2021 (#SP2021).
ARISE, CEST, HP4ALL, BIMZEED, BUSLeague, CrafEdu, INSTRUCT, PRO-Heritage, SEEtheSkills, TRAIN4SUSTAIN, the nZEB Roadshow, and nZEB ready projects reviewed the learning units/ training modules developed by each project, presented the target groups addressed by them, shared the progress so far and concluded with future plans.
The webinar was organised in two different parts, the first one addressed a plenary session of the practice initiatives designed to increase skills in the construction sector while a dedicated half-hour encouraged participants to raise their questions to the speakers and build an open debate.

ARISE will develop an on-demand mobile-friendly training project portal forc and sustainable energy in the construction sector. The project will also create a “cryptocurrency” of development skills and learning in the digital built environment to stimulate engagement and quantify skills development and learning.


You will find the registration of the workshop at this link.