This Dissemination and Communication Plan is aimed at the consortium partners to ensure their involvement in all aspects of dissemination and communication activities, and the European Commission, in order to communicate the consortium’s strategy and report on undertaken dissemination and communication activities.

Dissemination and Communication are important within the ARISE project. They are the pillars of the ARISE approach in terms of targeting different groups and presenting the results to them, paving the way for a successful exploitation. For every category of identified stakeholders, the Communication and Dissemination strategy differs. However, the baseline message and brand remain transversal to all communication and dissemination activities.

This is the first version of the Dissemination and Communication Plan, setting out the overall strategy and planned activities for the successful dissemination of the project progress and results. Thereafter it reports on undertaken dissemination activities until M6 of the project. Additionally, this report includes the social media strategy with initial statistics on the various chosen channels and recommendations on their successful use. The dissemination material produced so far is shown in the appendix. Targets and key performance indicators (KPIs) are measured within the Dissemination and Communication Plan to monitor the performance of the strategy.

This document is constantly updated throughout the project lifespan with reports of the partners on their actual dissemination activities. It is open to all partners to comment and change the strategy where they see fit at any time. The final version will be submitted at the end of the project, as a final report on all undertaken dissemination activities.

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