Welcome to the ARISE forum.

A platform for the exchange of views, thoughts and suggestions on how we can all act cohesively to deliver skills and training solutions, enabling the construction sector to embrace digitalisation as a pathway to improved efficiencies, increased competitiveness and the achievement of greener practices throughout the construction value chain.

As we plot the sat nav for the pathway to net zero for the construction sector, skills and training is the ‘true north’ that we must navigate by in order to achieve success. In order to accelerate this journey it is imperative that we share our findings, opportunities, skills and ideas for the benefit of the sector. ARISE is a member of the BIM Energy Performance Alliance (BIM-EPA)which sets out to digitalise the skills process for a sustainable and energy efficient built environment.

The built environment is one of the hardest sectors to decarbonise but it also represents one of the most urgent and promising opportunities for improvement through use of novel digitalisation in the skills exchange mechanism. This forum seeks to inform and enable the construction industry, engaging in digital transformation of the sector, stimulating the demand for sustainable energy skills, delivering a greener built environment, building a culture within the construction sector that is digital ready and environmentally enabled.

Your input is always sought after, encouraged and most welcome- join us and through EU wide cohesion let’s all build the Digital Transformation Roadmap for the Construction sector.