ACE has organised two successful webinars with the collaboration with BUILDUP Team in January and February 2024 on the topic of “ARISE e-learning platform on BIM and applied energy efficiency tools” addressed to Trainees and Trainers.

The EU funded project ARISE has launched the e-learning platform on BIM and energy efficiency in buildings for the design and construction sector. This e-learning platform provides micro-learning units available anywhere, anytime. The platform covers an introduction to BIM terms and definitions, BIM benefits, and BIM tools for energy. The short duration learning modules offer clear and straightforward content adapted to the busy life of professionals and workers. The learning pathway can be personalised to match the skill gap of each learner. In less than an hour of study, the learning units provide clear, straightforward content relevant to the working lives of professionals. The e-learning platform is a powerful tool for improving the skills of teams based in different locations. The e-learning platform is very crucial for the professional and workers upskilling and re-skilling is the cornerstone of the implementation of the digital transformation in the design and construction industry. Innovative learning methodologies, materials and tools are the foundation to reduce the labour shortage and increase the offer of digital skilled professionals.

First Webinar for Trainees: The first webinar provided information by ARISE Partner and Curriculum Area Manager Construction & The Built Environment Belfast Metropolitan College, Andrew Hamilton, on the topic of “Digitalization to the Built Environment: ARISE Approach.” The presentation on the digital transformation of the design and construction sector addresses the labour shortages, the new interface of upskilling training, and the benefits driven by the digitalization of the sector. Among other topics, Andrew Hamilton outlined how the ARISE training methodology is flexible allowing people to step on or step off, recognising the various points of their career and educational experience to date. And also, for those with no educational experience, to bring them on board and align them to gain the skills they need to have jobs and roles across the various sectors. Besides, ARISE partner and Researcher at TUDublin Ryan Dempsey discussed on the topic of “ARISE e-learning platform and the microlearning contents” which are already available on the ARISE Platform website. He presented what will be offered to the user, such as the deployment of different tools and teaching methods to cater for different learning styles. The last part of the webinar provided information about the ARISE offers presented by ARISE partner and Responsible for the international affairs BuildingSmart Italy – IBIMI Anna Moreno. At the end of the session, most of the Trainees were interested in the ARISE e-learning platform and the contents of the platform that ARISE offers. The majority were also interested in learning about ARISE platform developers and content creators, modules, module contents, badges, and certification. If you miss the first webinar, catch up with the video recording here.

Second Webinar for Trainers: The second webinar started with a session about ‘Digitalisation to the Built Environment – ARISE approach’, which delved into the improvement digitalisation can bring to the building sector. Paul McCormack from the Belfast Metropolitan College. Then, Ryan Dempsey from TUDublin gave an overview of the ARISE platform and how trainers can use it as an e-learning tool and highlighted that trainers could use the ARISE platform as a learning materials database to tailor the courses for specific users’ classes. The final part of the webinar focused on ARISE framework by Jaap Kolk from Building Changes focusing on the ARISE framework structure, which comprehends BIM application, utilisation, support, and basics. He highlighted that the ARISE learning framework also helps within projects, by linking the skills needed to the people providing them. The webinar ended with an interactive podium discussion, facilitating an exchange of questions between the speakers and the audience. If you miss the second webinar, catch up with the video recording here.

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