Gathering 21 Virtual Conference – 21st – 23rd Sept 2021

Construction Innovations for Future Generations

Thursday 23rd Septembre Paul McCormack, ARISE H2020 coordinator, presented the project at CitA Ltd BIM Gathering in Ireland

The event acts as a focal point for all stakeholders, both from home and abroad to come together to share their research, case studies and experiences of working with Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Digital Technologies.

The 5th BIM Gathering conference was hosted virtually due to the continued presence of COVID-19.

This year the theme of the Gathering was:

Construction Innovations for Future Generations”.

Despite the challenges we face with the continued presence of COVID-19 there is positivity with the rollout of vaccines and the response of the Irish Government to fund a Build Digital Project (2021-2026) providing coordination and leadership to deliver increased digital adoption across the entire Irish construction and built environment sector.

This year the Gathering focused on what has hindered digital adoption to date and the innovations and interventions that will be necessary to unlock greater productivity in our sector. This includes a cultural shift in attitude towards BIM adoption; enabling a digitally enabled safer and healthier work environment; use of BIM collaboration standards as the new norm; getting BIM and off-site production to work and in hand; innovative procurement and contract vehicles; highly skilled workforces; smarter cities, smart buildings, and data; new and emerging technologies; more involvement of women in BIM and construction, and a paradigm shift towards a circular economy.